Showbiz Sundays Workshop Series
11 Career Building Workshops that take Your Performance Career to the Next Level

These ShowBiz workshops were originally produced as an ongoing motivational, monthly series at the Drama Book Shop. They can be presented individually or tailored and combined to fit into the focus of any theatrical performance training program or conservatory.

1. Tax Time
Don't wait for April to get your tax records together. Get the tax basics for artists from our ShowBiz panel - theatrical CPA, Richard Morse, author Annie Chadwick, Showbiz Bookkeeper, and Conard Fowkes from VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) at AEA. Get an overview of how to represent your performance career as a business. Learn valuable record keeping information to organize your career and job pursuing expenses so that you get all the deductions you are entitled to.

2. Effective Pictures and Resumes
Learn from our ShowBiz panel of industry experts the most current NYC headshot and resume trends. Find out what type shots get their attention along with reproduction and postcard suggestions. Learn how to define your unique talent through you resume. Sample resume formats with be given along with clear ideas of what resume information helps and what can hurt. Bring your current picture and resume for evaluation. Workshop will conclude with a question answer session with the guest panel.

3. Self Promotion - Where to Begin & How to Keep Going
Now that you have a great headshot and resume, the next step is clear marketing tools to promote your talent to the NYC Show Business industry. Learn from our ShowBiz panel of industry experts the most current trends in effective industry mailings and promotion. Get specific letter writing skills and tips to make your cover letters, postcards, followups and submissions more targeted. Are emails, faxing, website promotion the way of the future? Each workshop will conclude with a question & answer session with the guest panel

4. Working in NYC Film & TV
Film & TV opportunities are greater than ever in NYC. Hear from our industry panel their take on how to develop a film/TV career and where they go to find talent. Can a talented actor get Film/TV auditions without representation? Yes! Get valuable tips on where and how to begin from out ShowBiz panel. Workshop will conclude with a question & answer session with the guest panel.

5. Effective Audition Skills and Monologues
To quote Joanna Merlin, "Stop self-sabotage: Change the Odds!" Auditioning is a life long process for a performing artists which by many is continually filled with apprehension, fear and insecurity. Hear from our panel of experts how it is possible to take control of your auditions and affect the casting choice. Learn the differences in preparing and performing audition material for theatre and film/TV auditions and how to choose an effective monologue. The workshop will conclude with a question answer session with the guest panel and a book signing with Joanna Merlin.

6. Working in Regional and NYC Theatre
If theatre is your passion, learn from our ShowBiz panel how to build a successful career both regionally and in NYC. Learn from our panel the most effective ways to get agents and casting directors see your work. Get specific tips on how to find out 6 months in advance before casting notices go out what's being produced, the best ways to get auditions, target and identify the roles you are most right for, and how to see the latest NYC Off Broadway theatre for free.

7. Meet the "Acting Coach" Pros
Working one-on one with an acting coach is a definite plus to perfecting your monologues as well as preparing for competitive auditions. We have invited 5 of the top NYC acting coaches for you to meet and hear their personal techniques for helping you find your unique take on audition materials.

8. The Commercial Actor: Working On-Camera and in Print
Working in commercials can be a great way to increase you visibility and income as a legit performer. Hear from our ShowBiz panel the most effective ways to build a commercial career, get representation, best headshot and comp card looks, learn how to promote your career and projects through graphic design, as well as the best on-camera training, and audition skill tips.

9. Acting Off Stage & Off Camera
The same skills that make you a good actor can be marketed into prosperous secondary jobs that help round out your yearly income as an artists. Hear from our ShowBiz Panel how your acting skills can coach CEOs in public speaking, provide entertainment as a mentalist at corporate and private parties and as a teaching artist in the public schools

10. Meet the "Dialect & Vocal Coaches/Teachers" Pros
Have your creative support group ready before you get the audition. Whether it's a musical theatre audition or a script that requires a particular dialect knowing the right vocal coach can be just what you need to land the job. Come meet 6 of the top NYC vocal coaches, teachers and dialect coaches.

11. The Producer In You
Whether you want to produce your own solo act, theatre piece or develop your new screenplay, our ShowBiz panel will outline the best and most efficient ways to promote your own projects. Topics to be covered include: taking your show on the road; pitching your scripts/projects to producers; dealing with the unions; effective fliers, postcards & invitations; press kits; getting reviewed and attracting industry attention.